Pubs to be proud of

Annual Report and accounts 2023

People are at the heart of our business

At Marston’s, ‘people make pubs.’ We are a people-powered business and we work hard to attract, retain and develop the best talent; from our hard-working pub teams and entrepreneurial Pub Partners, to our support functions in our Pub Support Centre.


Employee engagement score


Over 300 apprentices

Creating memorable experiences

We strive to provide the perfect setting for every guest and every occasion. Our objective is to offer great experiences in a quality environment, supported by high-quality products and stand-out service. We listen to our guests and their feedback helps ensure our offers continue to meet their demands and expectations.


Reputation Score

Best Neighbourhood Pub menu and Best Premium Pub menu at the MIDAS 2023 Awards

Committed to being a responsible and sustainable business

Through our ‘Doing more to be proud of’ initiative we focus on four core pillars: Planet, People, Product and Policy. These pillars reflect our core values and strategic priorities and they are where we believe we can make the biggest impact and meaningful contributions for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


of our pubs 5* EHO


EV chargers across our estate, with 5 super-fast charging hubs

At a glance

Pubs to be proud of

Our core strategy and vision is of delivering ‘Pubs to be proud of’ remains unchanged. We achieve our goals, sustainable growth and value creation through our focus on people, experiences and responsibility.


Pubs and bars




Total revenue


Net cash inflow

2023 Review

Focused vision, sustainable business, clear goals

2023 has been a year of focusing on our core pub estate and our strategic aims with a clear objective to create a simplified, high quality, predominantly community pub business. Our strategy continues to be centred upon delivering affordable pub experiences for our guests in a quality environment, both inside and out.

Chair's statement


Group operational and financial review


A clear guest-focused pub strategy

Our vision and strategy is unchanged. That is creating ‘Pubs to be proud of’, comprising a high-quality, predominantly community pub business, with minimal exposure to city centres. Operationally, we are focused on the core pillars of driving guest satisfaction in a great environment served by engaged and motivated teams. This remains relevant despite the macroeconomic challenges continuing to impact the consumer. Our two primary corporate goals remain: to reach two £1 billion financial targets over time, namely to reduce the Group’s debt (excluding IFRS 16 lease liabilities) to below £1 billion by 2026 and the achievement of £1 billion of sales. We continue to make progress on both of these goals.

£0 billion

Sales above £1 billion

£0 billion

Borrowings below £1 billion

Improved business resilience: margin improvement of at least 200 basis points in the medium term

We aim to delight our guests whatever the occasion, so they visit our pubs time and time again.


Two National awards for our menus

In March 2023, we won two awards at the Menu Innovation and Development Awards (MIDAS) 2023 for the best menu in the Neighbourhood pub and Premium pub restaurant categories. 


The Bluebell's quiz teams raise over £15k for local charities

Over the last two years, Bluebell’s quiz teams raised over £15k for local charities.

We are committed to each other, the business and being the best version of ourselves.


Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) survey

Marston's was rated as the top performer across the board by its Pub Partners.


Great British Pub Awards

Two of our pubs were voted top in their categories.

We challenge ourselves, and each other, to ensure we’re always improving and moving forward.


Double Awards for our Property team

Marston’s won in two categories at the Foodservice Equipment Journal Awards 2023.

Doing more to be proud of

Responsible and sustainable business

We remain committed to being a responsible and sustainable business by adopting a People and Planet-positive approach for our people, pub partners, guests, and the communities we serve.

The principal way in which we do this is through our ‘Doing more to be proud of’ (DM2BPO) initiative and our focus on four core pillars: Planet, People, Product and Policy. Each of the four pillars connects to the core of what we do and where we believe we can make the biggest impact. The People and Planet-positive practices, and targets championed and implemented by senior leaders responsible for each pillar, reflect our core values and strategic priorities, whilst being underpinned by strong policy – that is, good governance, risk management processes and stewardship.

This year our DM2BPO team are proud to present our inaugural Insight Report. The Insight Report is a statement of our aims, targets and intentions, and shines a light on our focus areas, case studies and where we think we can improve.

Our responsibility pillars

The planet being our most fragile stakeholder, we want to operate our business and supply chain more efficiently to reduce our energy consumption, emissions and use of precious natural resources like water. We also want to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing or repurposing our waste and encourage our suppliers to do the same.

OUR promise

Our PLANET promise to be proud of: To operate our business and supply chain more efficiently to reduce our energy consumption, emissions and water use. To reduce our impact on the environment by reducing or repurposing our waste and encourage our suppliers to do the same.


link to strategy



Key goals
  • Carbon Neutral by 2030 (Scope 1 & 2) and by 2040 (Scope 3)
  • To consider and where possible procure or promote energy from renewable or self-generated sources
  • To reduce the volume of water we consume across our estate every year
  • To work with our supply chain to achieve and maintain zero waste to landfill
  • To reach an overall recycling rate in our business of at least 75%
  • Increase reclaimed rates of cooking oil to at least 60% compared to what we purchase/consume across our estate


Reduction of 3% of Scope 1 & 2 emissions compared to last financial year


pints of water saved per day


of our waste is redirected away from land fill sites, which classifies zero waste to landfill


of the total oil purchased recycled


Our EV charging infrastructure

We are proud to be the biggest private network of electric vehicle chargers in hospitality.


Recyclers of the year

This year, we have had a great set of pubs claim the award - achieving well over 90% recycling rate.

At Marston’s we truly believe that people make pubs. We embrace the diversity of our employees, our guests and our local pub communities and strive to provide equitable opportunities for growth and social mobility. We want to create an inclusive culture that engages and inspires, and work with charitable partners that share our core values.

OUR Promise

Our PEOPLE promise to be proud of: To create a culture of engagement, support and development that attracts, retains and supports the best people from diverse backgrounds. To support our people to ‘come as you are’ by building an inclusive culture among our employees, pub partners and suppliers which reflects the diversity of our guests and communities.


link to strategy



Key goals
  • Our people to rate us 8 or more as part of our monthly engagement surveys, as measured by Your Voice
  • Utilise as much of the apprenticeship levy each month to maximise investment in our people and partners
  • Striving towards being an inclusive employer that attracts and appeals to diverse, disadvantaged, and vulnerable groups of people and that nurtures and develops people joining from all backgrounds
  • Health and wellbeing and diversity and inclusion to be measured and for scores to improve and employees’ comments to help inform and develop our agenda


Employee engagement score of 8.2 aggregate participation rates of 84%


Average of 80% of levy spend per month


Over 300 apprenticeships in learning across the business


hires through Project Excel


Marston's Men's Network

The aim of this network is to break down barriers and help create positive change for men at Marston’s.


Our Excel programme

Our Excel programme has been created to support people leaving custody to obtain new skills and find employment in one of our pubs.

We want to ensure that the food and drink that we source to serve to our guests in our pubs has as little impact on the planet as possible. We also have our guests’ interests in mind when we provide as much information as possible about the dishes we serve to help them make healthier choices.

our promise

Our PRODUCT promise to be proud of: To be proud of our plates by delivering quality food and drink which is ethically sourced and in a way which reduces food waste and emissions.


link to strategy



Key goals
  • 50% reduction in food waste by 2030
  • Authentication of our supply base against our Charters and policies
  • To ensure the product portfolio available and information communicated encourages guests to take responsibility for their health


reduction in food waste from our baseline year, representing 60.8% achievement of our overall 2030 target


supplier audits completed in line with our Charter


Across our core menus, over 80% of dishes achieve the calorie target (where one exists)


Reducing our food waste

We have partnered with Too Good To Go (TGTG) to sell surplus food – that would otherwise have been wasted – to consumers at a reduced price.


Repurposing our used cooking oil

This year we have made a carbon saving of 2,406 tonnes from our used cooking oil being repurposed as biodiesel.

The way in which we do business is embedded into our governance framework which is communicated to our people and partners through pragmatic policies that reflect our ethics and values. We ensure these are effectively communicated, progressively encouraged and monitored for effectiveness.

Our promise

Our POLICY promise to be proud of: To support the development of our business in delivering its objectives by promoting high standards of governance, risk management and transparency.


link to strategy



Key goals
  • All of our pubs to be 5* EHO
  • Maintain our FTSE4Good certification
  • To increase the number of suppliers on SEDEX


of our pubs are at 5*


FTSE4Good score


Suppliers engaged on SEDEX


5* EHO

93% of our pubs now have a 5* EHO score.


Our People Handbook

This year we launched our digital handbook for all our team members.


Chair’s statement

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