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Our People Handbook

This year we launched our digital handbook for all our team members. It provides an encompassing, living document to inform our team members on our strategy, behavioural framework, People Promise, career information and policies. All our policies are within the handbook, written and laid out in an engaging and consistent format. Recognising that ‘People make Pubs’ the handbook is entirely people friendly. The book is tailored to the roles in the business, so that the reader knows that it includes what is relevant to their own role.

The handbook tracks the reader opening policies and requests the reader to sign to show they have understood a policy. We intend to track this engagement and, at appropriate points during the year, encourage readers to accept and sign the policies and the handbook in full.

As with all our centrally held training and resource materials, we are continuously updating features to make them as accessible as possible for all of our people. This year, we extended our accessibility options to include Dyslexie font, which assists those with dyslexia. One policy we are particularly proud of, released this year, is our Family Leave Policy. This new policy replaces the existing Maternity and Paternity policies with a more inclusive and representative approach, which will be included within the People Handbook.